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Chapter 111 A bigger picture

  • Jasmin felt a tingle on her skin and she shuddered in response and her eyes flickered open to see Cainan running a small feather in his hand over her shoulder and up her neck. As he made small circle trails there, he lowered his head and gently kissed her over her covered stomach, and she moaned in response.
  • It was a brand new day and the ray of sun flickered over her face, but she was unmoved and trying to adjust to her surroundings.
  • “Cainan,” she called with a sleepy voice and a yawn followed immediately after. She needed them to talk about what happened last night. They were both upset, especially Cainan.
  • “Good morning.” He greeted, his warm breath vibrating on her skin and creating goosebumps there.
  • The last thing she remembered was Cainan snapping at her. Surely he wouldn’t be this fondly if he was mad at her.
  • “We need to talk about last night.” She murmured, her voice getting weaker towards the end.
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