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Chapter 100 Everything I've done

  • It was a dull Tuesday afternoon at Cainan’s office; it had been that way in the last two weeks for him. The days went by slowly and the nights were even slower, with an insane amount of cold and loneliness.
  • What he did to Jasmin ate him up every single day and if there was another way, he could have gone about it, he would have, but there wasn’t.
  • Sometimes the only way out is going through the wall.
  • He couldn’t forget the hurt and pain that dominated Jasmin’s face when she saw him and Vanessa two weeks ago; nor could he forget how she trembled even while she tried to hold up a brave face. He hurt her and he was still yet to tell her why.
  • Lisa had confronted him immediately after she learnt what had happened and she told him how disappointed she was in him. According to her, he was so trapped in the pain and sorrow of his past that he will blow a good thing up. He was the man that blew up a good thing because he was afraid.
  • She was right; he was afraid. For Jasmin.
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