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Chapter 113 What we do not know

  • Jasmin noticed Anita was taking a longer time than usual in getting the end of the month’s account files over to her office and tiring of waiting, she made her way to her office, which was the next office after hers.
  • The door to her office was unlocked, and she pushed further and entered the office, but slowed down on her step when she heard whimpers coming from the corner of the bathroom.
  • She tried waiting out the whimpers but after a minute and Anita not coming out; she headed over to the bathroom and carefully opened it.
  • The sight she saw was heartbreaking. Anita was sitting on the covered toilet with her head buried in her palms and she was sobbing into it. It was a shocking sight to Jasmin because she had known Anita for so long but had never seen her broken, sad or even upset. The highest emotion she had seen her display was anger, which happened once in a while. Anita was always happy and positive, and she feared what might have changed that now.
  • “Anita?” she called with a small voice and Anita became still and tried wiping the tears away in the next seconds with her hands.
  • “Jasmin, I’m sorry, give me a minute.” She reached for the tissue hanging on the wall to mop the rest of the tears away from her face.
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