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Chapter 103 Do you believe?

  • Jasmin's lashes parted with ease at the flicker of the ray of sunlight on her face and she moaned, coming into the awareness of her surroundings. A small tug on her stomach made her glanced down at her bump and a smile crossed her face.
  • She noticed a warm arm fastened around her and when she something press against her; she realised it wasn’t a dream. He came last night, and he was now with her. A small smile played at the corner of her lips, and she stretched her hand out and squirmed aronight,und to see him. He had asked her to take him back last night, and she did because she trusted him. She loved him and wanted to be with him always.
  • Unlike the times they’d slept together, Cainan didn’t wake to go for his usual run. He was here beside her. Seeing him sleep in bed with her was new but amazing, and she didn’t want it to end. He’s a good-looking man, awake and asleep, and he looked peaceful with his long lashes resting against his cheeks and his red lips pouting. A crease formed between his brows even as he slept, and she wondered what he dreamt of.
  • She placed her hand on his bare chest and caressed him, trailing her fingers over the few hairs on his chest, down to his stomach. His muscles tighten at her touch and her eyes raced there before returning to his face and this time, she met his eyes dimly opened.
  • “Good morning, sweetheart,” he moaned out, his arms around her tightening.
  • “Good morning.” She mused, “How’s your night?”
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