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Chapter 104 Caught in a cross fire

  • “You sure you want to be here?” Cainan ask as their car came to a stop at the parking lot of the courthouse.
  • Jasmin had appeared unannounced at his residence an hour ago. He had stepped out of the bathroom with nothing but his towel and when he saw her seated on his bed, wearing a sky-blue summer gown, it left him in a state of shock. It delighted him to see her as always, but her unexpected appearance in his room was surprising.
  • After greeting her with a kiss on her lips, he inquired what she was doing at his place and she didn’t hesitate to tell him. She wanted to come with him to the courthouse for the final hearing. He thought she was joking at first, but she didn’t appear to be. She looked too determined to be joking.
  • He walked to the wardrobe at the corner of the room where his clothes hung. He took off the towel and wore his black brief before picking up his trousers.
  • “I appreciate your need to support me, Jasmin, but the court is not a good place to be, especially in your condition. It can be brutal and the last thing I want is you being caught in a crossfire.” he pulled his trousers up to his waist and zipped it up. He picked his black long sleeve up and shrugged it on before turning to her.
  • She got up and moved her hidden feet in the slip-on shoes towards him, “Hugo Attah, whoever he is, threatened my life and the life of the little one inside me, Cainan I’m already involved and it would only be fair to be there when he gets put away for good.” by the time she finished speaking, she was standing before him, holding his black tie out to him.
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