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Chapter 108 All men are not the same

  • Remi and Marc were at the corner of the room, having what appeared to be a one-sided discussion. One-sided because while Remi had her face buried in her phone, as always, Marc’s eyes longingly fixed on hers as he spoke.
  • Lisa had seen Marc and Remi together at her birthday party months ago and later asked her who he was. Remi couldn’t deny and say ‘no one’ as that would be a ridiculous lie, nor could she say he was her friend with benefit. Lisa would flip and want to know more. So she told her he was her boyfriend, and they were trying to keep what they had as quiet as possible... Well, that was the beginning and the end for her. And while the preparation for Ada’s birthday party was being put in place, Lisa told her to invite Marc as her date, since they were all appearing with a plus one. She reluctantly agreed, and here she was.
  • “Are you going to even look at me?” Marc asked with a bruised tone.
  • Remi looked up from the game on her iPhone and to him. She wasn’t so happy he kept interrupting her and the frown she had on caused her head to ache.
  • “What do you want from me?”
  • His teeth clenched, and he looked away from her, trying to fix his gaze on something else, anything else but her.
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