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Chapter 97 You are vulnerable

  • Cainan was on the phone with Jasmin while heading to the courthouse. He wanted to hear her voice; it was going to keep him calm during the process of the trial.
  • He was calling a few minutes later than usual and it was, because, unlike those other times he had called her; he was heading to the courthouse and not his office.
  • So far, it had been fun speaking to her. He liked how he got away with a lot of things with her, including being naughty. He longed for her and couldn’t wait to have his hands all over her.
  • “And after you’ve had your fill of the dessert, I would be more than happy to have your head around my teeth,” she stated seductively.
  • Cainan felt his member shrink at her words. The last thing he wanted was entrusting his delicate head between her teeth. The thought alone scared him.
  • He shook his head and smiled. “No, I don’t want your teeth anywhere near my head, Ms Whyte.” After ending the call, he slipped his phone into his pocket and got down from his Lexus before approaching the court building.
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