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Chapter 101 Not your type

  • Cainan slowly knocked on the door to Jasmin's apartment. A few seconds passed and the door slowly cracked open and there stood Anita at the door. And as her eyes met with Cainan’s, a scowl of displeasure grew on her face.
  • “What do you want?”
  • “I came to see Jasmin.”
  • She crossed her arms over her chest and squarely stared at him. “Why? So you can break her heart even more? Drop her for the next desirable thing?”
  • He shook his head, “Anita, please I need—”
  • “No,” she held up a finger to suspend his speech, “you don’t get to come here and tell me what it is you need. Not after what you did to Jasmin!” she snapped.
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