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Chapter 105 Falling into place

  • “I never.” Cainan immediately denied it.
  • Phillip walked to his desk and picked up pictures before handing them over to the judge and jury. “This was Attah’s fifth anniversary and if you look closely enough at those pictures, you will see red marks on Mrs Attah’s skin and my client did not inflict those. You did because she broke up with you.”
  • His eyes flew over to Jasmin, seated at the side of the courtroom, and he pressed his lips together. “I was upset. I grabbed her, but I never laid a hand on her.”
  • “You have a reputation though, ‘nobody messes with fire and goes unburnt’ and Clara got burnt from crossing you. You are explosive when things don’t go your way and you lash out, just like you did to my client weeks ago.” Phillip threw accusations at him. “Hugo Attah is innocent and all this is a vendetta against him because he took the one thing you didn’t want to lose, Clara. When she realised she loved her husband and finally left you, you couldn’t have that. You killed her, not my client, you.”
  • Cainan looked torn and angry, but he held himself from lashing out, “That’s not true, I never hurt her.”
  • “No further questions, my lord,” Phillip announced and returned to his seat.
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