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Chapter 83 Justice will be served

  • Author's note: If you find this chapter confusing, please read my other book "The Idiotic Billionaire" Thank you. 
  • A week later
  • Cainan was staring at the city through the see-through glass wall of his office while he spoke with Jasmin over the phone. When he was done with the call, he turned around with a happy smile on his face and he noticed Rogue at the entrance of his office, looking as ready as ever. He had been standing here for a while, and Cainan was certain he had listened to his conversation without making a sound, he was deviant that way.
  • As if reading his thought, Rogue spoke up, "I didn't hear anything, so you don't have to worry. I was barely here for a minute before you finished your call, plus, I've got these on" he pointed to the small earplug he was wearing to back up his claims. "But I know that smile, it's the 'I can't wait to go home to my woman's smile'," Rogue said as he stepped into the office. 
  • Cainan scoffed but didn't try to argue with Rogue, the bastard always had his way with words.
  • Today was a big day for him and he wanted to hear Jasmin's voice before he began it and that was why he called her.
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