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Chapter 84 You deserve a proper apology

  • "Mr inferno, your mother, Mrs Ada Abayomi and her husband are outside waiting for you, should I send them in?" Wura asked from the door where she stood.
  • He dropped the pen in his hand onto the document before him and sighed deeply, "Yeah sure, send them in thank you."
  • She nodded firmly before walking away and not long after that, the door opened and Ada walked in, hand in hand with Donald both having a calm and supportive look on their faces as they took their seats.
  • Ada was first to speak and that was expected because she was his mother, "How did the first day at trial go?" she asked, her eyes eager and hopeful.
  • He wouldn't have hesitated to speak if Donald wasn't sitting in the office as well. There was something about him that he was yet to adjust to, he trusted him and respected him, but not as much as Ada wanted him to. He didn't want to be rude but he couldn't help it.
  • "While he's still here?" his brow rose and they all knew who the 'he' was.
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