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Chapter 92 A nightmare

  • “My golden bracelet is missing as well.” Another said with panic.
  • “My earrings!” echoes a voice from far back.
  • “Everyone calm down,” Lisa’s voice came up to quell the guests who were now disoriented and murmuring, “this is no reason to panic, there has to be some sort of explanation for that.”
  • “No reason to panic? My fiancée’s engagement ring is missing!” the roaring response of an angry man came from the back.
  • The guest gasped in horror, and others around began checking themselves, fear and dread in their eyes.
  • Cainan's attention flew to Jasmin, and something flickered in his eyes. And he didn’t even have to open his mouth for her to know what was going through his mind. His eyes asked the questions and threw the accusations at her without a second thought.
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