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Chapter 93 I'm sorry

  • They cuffed her hands behind her back, and she tried to avoid the eyes of everyone on her. She kept her head down for fear of breaking down and crying her eyes out. He pulled her along with him to the corner of the hall, which was less crowded, holding onto her until the police's arrival.
  • “Let me through, I said let me through!” Cainan snapped at the group of people crowded around as he, Lisa and Ada made their way over to the corner of the hall where the culprit was being held.
  • Finally, being let through Cainan's eyes landed on Jasmin and his heart clenched and his blood boiled with anger and frustration.
  • “Uncuff her,” he ordered immediately.
  • His words came as a shock to the few people around, as well as Jasmin, who had only expected the worse outburst from him. She turned to gaze at him in wonder and saw that there was no trace of judgment in his eyes, neither was there any on Lisa or Ada as they stared at her.
  • “Mr Inferno, the missing jewellery were found in her purse and we caught her trying to escape,” the security man explained.
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