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Chapter 85 One of a kind

  • Jasmin drove back to the restaurant feeling exhausted. When Lisa had called to inform her about her birthday plans and asked her to tag along for shopping, she thought it was something that would be done under an hour but she ended up spending two hours trying to find the perfect wear for Lisa's party.
  • Lisa had always carried everyone along, Zoe, Charming and Jasmin and everyone got different outfits and different designs and the only thing they had in common was the colour, which was white.
  • As they made their way out of the store, Jasmin asked about Xavier. She wasn't asking to check up on him, he could choke on his favourite fruit salad for all she cared, but she wanted to know if he was going to be around in order to mentally prepare herself for whatever was to come.
  • Lisa smiled and told her he was okay, and she had nothing to worry about. Jasmin wanted to ask why Lisa was still with him even after what he did, but she had been in her situation with Dennis and leaving wasn't always easy.
  • The melodious tone of her phone went off and she fished it out from the shopping bag she had tossed it into, answered it and placed it to her ears without looking at the caller ID.
  • "Hello."
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