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Chapter 114 Jealousy never goes away

  • Jasmin and Cainan were invited on a double date with Alex and Rogue’s at the Pearl lounge and though reluctant at first about going, Cainan back her against the wall literally and she had no other choice but to scream yes.
  • She had stopped going to the restaurant because, according to Cainan’s calculations, this was her delivery week and she needed not to stress herself. He always made an interesting argument with his mouth.
  • She needed this, though; she had stayed home in the last two days and despite almost always being connected with Anita and Andrew to keep up with progress; yet she was running crazy.
  • Meeting Alex and Rogue was a breath of fresh air. They were a pair, madly I love with each other and barely able to keep their eyes off each other. Their son Rayge was sixteen months old, and he was being watched by Gloria, his nanny so that they could have time for themselves.
  • Alex shared the beauty of being a mother, and also the pain. They encouraged and scared Jasmin all at the same time. The two were making being a parent work, and Jasmin knew she had found perfect role models.
  • “When Laré explained how my court marriage with Alex happened, I thought she kidnapped me.” He chuckled and Alex rolled her eyes, “I shouldn’t have found that cute, but somehow I did.” he pecked Alex’s scrunched up lips and the couple got lost with each other, forgetting about Cainan and Jasmin.
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