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Chapter 115 When the past returns

  • Jasmin stayed in the restroom for a few minutes and so much had already happened in her absence.
  • She didn’t mind that he worked with Vanessa. Being a big girl meant not crying, not throwing tantrums, and lastly, not jumping to conclusions. What she didn’t understand was why they had to be so fond of each other.
  • Cainan reached for her hands and affectionately took them into his. He said something that made Vanessa’s eyes widen and disbelief spread across her face. She threw her arms around Cainan and hugged him tightly before pulling away, the wide smile still on her face.
  • Jasmin’s eyes blurred up, and she grew sick in her stomach. She wanted to leave. She needed to leave now.
  • She blinked back the tears from her eyes and with all the composure she possessed; she made her way over towards him, dragging her leg with her, and soon she was beside the two happy couple.
  • ‘Easy, Jasmin, remember things are not always what they seem, take the advice you gave Anita last week." the voice in her head told her, but she was far gone.
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