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Chapter 9

  • Allie wanted to dance, move along to the music with the people in the living room but her head was hurting. The pumping music wasn't helping either. Seriously who asked her to drink so much? The omega was pretty sure she would wake up with a bump in the morning. How grand! This party hadn't turned out how she expected it to. It wasn't bad, perse, just that Allie felt a bit like dying.
  • As she was contemplating to vanish to somewhere else, just for the hell of it because Nate was dragging her around as he owned her. His grip around her wrist tightened as they passed through the group of Alphas, eyeing her. The omega ignored them for the sake of her pounding headache, looking around for familiar face. 
  • From the corner of her eyes, she noticed Rachel approaching her, looking far soberer than she had when Allie had last seen her, eyes less befuddled.
  • "There you go," Nate said, pushing Allie towards Rachel and making her stumble, all without reason. He was so annoying, honestly. "Rachel, get her out of here and give your friend something for her head. She hit herself in the bathroom."
  • Because of you! 
  • Allie scoffed. "Why don't you fuck off!"
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