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Chapter 6

  • Nate couldn't keep his mind off that omega for some reason. The way she walked out and didn't bother to give him any attention really hit him. It never happened him. He's a star football player! People worship the ground he walked. How can she not bother to talk with him? Also he offered her his drink shouldn't that appease her? The other girl would be swooning by now and making cutesy Instagram posts. 
  • When she didn't stop in the hallways for him or smiled during the classes he had no option left but to talk with Ashton. He was her closest friend after all.  
  • "Hey man!" Nate patted on his shoulder, tugging him down on the far end of the cafeteria. 
  • Ashton winced, "Nate"
  • "It's been long time"
  • The quarter back scoffed. "Oh you mean since yesterday evening when we were on the ground together for four hours"
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