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Chapter 38

  • Allie was a mess, her head buried deeper into the pile of sheets. The omega was still sensitive after coming a minute ago, but Nate hadn’t knotted her yet. His grip on her hips was like steel—desperate to make sure nothing could take her away from him.
  • She wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Pressed under his body, she squirmed, her arms straining from where Nate had them pinned down. Her wrists pressed into the mattress with one big hand circling them.
  • Nate leaned into her space, nuzzling into her nape and scent-marking the omega for probably the dozenth time. At this point, Allie was sure she reeked of him. She hummed in appreciation as the Alpha started sucking a bruise on her shoulder.
  • His lips went back to her breasts, and he kissed them gingerly as if she would break into a million pieces from kissing her too hard. Allie dissolved into a puddle of soft whimpers and fluttering lashes at his touches. The omega couldn’t help but grind against him, her pussy soaking wet and throbbing from his teasing.
  • “Unbutton me, baby." The Alpha grunted.
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