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Chapter 30

  • After the call with Rachel, Allie stepped out of the room, phone tucked somewhere in her pillows. She put on a fake smile, trying to remain calm and composed. A storm was raging inside her, nerves gripping onto her as she trudged to the lawn. The omega noticed a large man entering into what looked like a ring drawn with the red mud in the middle of the lawn. Her interest piqued at that, and she huddled closer.
  • "What is this?" She asked to no one in particular.
  • "Duel," Finn whispered, smiling at her. "Every week, one of our trained guards is challenged for a fight by the pack members. The winner gets to carve the animal barbecued, and a toast is dedicated to them."
  • Allie knew what she had to do to get her mind off things for a while.
  • "I want in!"
  • Finn made a sound. "Are you crazy? Keith is our best soldier, which is why no one has challenged in yet. Also, you are pregnant, so don't even think about it."
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