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Chapter 23

  • “Sorry!” Chris interrupted, closing the door behind him along with four other boys in tow. “I hope we weren’t interrupting anything.”
  • He had nothing to apologise for. Its a locker room, and they were allowed to barge in any time. Allie took a step back, her cheeks flaming at the sudden attention. The omega should have known better to confront Nate in the locker room of all places.
  • “Oh, no. Its nothing”
  • When she let her gaze wander over the boys around, Allie couldn't help but focus on Nate. The Alpha, who seemed tense all of a sudden, his hand gripping onto the bag tightly, his knuckles turning white with the strength of it. There was an edge to his expression, and he was staring straight at her, eyes dark. She blinked back in confusion, wondering instantly what she'd done wrong now. Her heartbeat felt like a weird flutter against her ribcage.
  • The moment was gone as quickly as it had happened, but Allie had a hard time pushing the image of his burning stare from her mind.
  • “I’ll just go”, She faltered, turning to the nearest door when the Alpha tugged at her wrist.
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