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Chapter 21

  • Allie was in the middle of putting on her shorts, adjusting them on her hips when the doorbell rang, followed by incessant knocking on the door. The omega spun around and walked the short distance between her room to the front door and opened it, revealing a very dishevelled Nate.
  • "Allie!" He's heaving for some reason. It's giving her all kinds of dirty images. "Are you okay? You texted me to come and didn't respond to my later texts. What happened?"
  • "Did you run here?" The omega asked dumbfounded.
  • Nate shouldn't look so hot, all sweaty, dressed in joggers and a hoodie that seemed to have been thrown on in a hurry. His hair a mess of curls.
  • The Alpha was still staring at her as if searching for any signs of immediate danger. "I did. You scared the shit out of me!" He explained, and when it's clear to him that her life wasn't in jeopardy, Nate glared at her. "What the fuck? Why did you text me?"
  • "I—" She froze. Few moments ago the idea of talking with Nate appeared to be great in her mind. Now  she's not sure where to begin. His expectant look wasn't helping either.
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