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Chapter 17

  • It's nearly nine in the evening when Rachel barged into their shared room. She found Allie curled in his bed, sweating under his thick layers and crying into her pillow. What more could the omega do? Nate ripped her heart. Her friend dropped the backpack, the thud softly echoing before she tiptoed towards her.
  • An ugly sob tore through her lips the more she thought about it.
  • "I know what you need," Rachel softly said once she handed the omega a wet towel. It was very thoughtful of her. Allie squirmed at her tone, still motionless on the bed.
  • "I already called Ashton; he said he'd bring some doughnuts on his way back from the practice."
  • The thought of indulging herself in sugar made her stomach growl. Allie didn't eat anything since she walked away from Nate in rage.
  • A frown took over Rachel's face; she crossed her arms together, "Amuse me. How long have you been in bed?"
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