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Chapter 22

  • Allie was only minimally surprised when there was a loud, incessant knocking sound on her door again. Even before the omega shuffled out of bed, she had a pretty good idea of who would be standing on the other side, waiting to be invited in. Her blood ran cold just at the thought of facing the Alpha.
  • She couldn't look in his eyes and pretend that everything was alright when she had been lying to him all this time. The Alpha asked her several times before, but she dodged him every single time.
  • Ashtons mop of hair was the first thing to have been caught by her eyes when she opened the door. He had a frown on his face.
  • "Would you look at best friend is alive after all," The beta said as he pushed past her into the room and settled down on the desk chair, swirling it around so he could keep his gaze focused on Allie.
  • Even though her friend seemed happy enough that she opened the door for him, there was an edge to the curl of his lips. "I'll try not to feel all too offended about the fact that you haven't called me back in three days. Do you know how fucking worried I was? Good thing Rachel has a phone."
  • The omega sighed and closed the dorm door behind her, confident that Ashton wouldn't want to leave anytime soon. Not that she wanted him to, anyway. Staying alone in the dorm room while Rachel attended all the classes and did her shift at the cafe pretty much was tiring. It also didn't help that their Netflix was expired, and Allie had to rely on her phone for entertainment.
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