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Chapter 31

  • "But I wanna walk to the forest all alone, Sam."
  • Her big brother had opened his mouth to respond, but a loud, hair-raising scream had pierced through the open air that was once full of welcoming peace. Sam quickly pulled Allie into his arms before looking up at the commotion, her hair falling in front of her eyes as she found her vision being directed on her parents.
  • There, in the middle of the camp, where her parents were earlier gathering some water from the well, was a large man. The omega couldn't tell what he looked like because the man was dressed in all black, but he looked as if he was pulled out from the medieval era and thrown into the present. He wore all black armour with a large, black cape that drifted from his shoulders and to the middle of his calves.
  • Every other pack member started to panic, retreating far from the well, their screams echoing and eyes wide with terror as they scooped up their pups and ran off into the nearby trees. Allie watched with horror as the man swung his arms around her, kicking mother, and hoisted her above his shoulder. She banged her fists against the back of his armour and yelled out for help.
  • "Mom!" Allie's voice cracked as she tried to run towards her, but Sam hugged her tight against his chest.
  • Tears streamed down her cheeks, and she choked. "Let me go."
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