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Chapter 18

  • With another sigh, Allie climbed out of the lonely bed and strode towards the open balcony door. The air outside was much warmer than inside the room, but she still shivered, dressed only in her nightgown.
  • The omega hugged her arms around her torso and let her eyes wander over the lit-up city before her. Knowing that somewhere out there, possibly in some expensive as shit club with pretentious company, was Nate, drinking, dancing and laughing about making a bet on her.
  • Just thinking about it made her throat close up. She still couldn't be love that he could be that cruel. But now Allie was alone she couldn't help but feel that her entire life is over. She let him have his way.
  • Fuck! The omega cursed under her breath, swallowing against the bile rising in her throat the more she thought about it. Tears burned in her eyes as she wished to be at home. Mostly to be near her big brother. Allie just wanted to talk to him about all the shit that was going wrong right now, and she found it impossible to do so over a Skype call, where the omega couldn't hope for more than worried glances and empty words of comfort, which would change nothing at all in the grand scheme of things.
  • Then again the omega didn't even want to think about her big brother's reaction on finding out she's carrying a Hellhounds baby.
  • A shudder racked through her body just thinking about it. Surrounded by her friends, she still never felt more alone.
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