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Chapter 16

  • Nate stood in the middle of the living room, staring at the deserted road. She was gone. He couldn't stop her even at the way he sprinted down the stairs, stubbing his toe at the edge. The Alpha noticed the players following him; all exchanging confused looks.
  • He was seething. Fury bubbled in his stomach, and he tried not to tear his skin off and shift, hear the crackling of his bones and just growl. In the middle of his thoughts, he saw Ben appear in front of him, snickering with his arms crossed over his chest.
  • "Damn! I didn't know one beta could have that much effect on you. Allie did a number on you then?" Ben snickered, shaking his head. "On the mighty Nate Harper who swore that nothing and no one could affect him."
  • "You get the fuck out of my way." The Alpha shoved past him, heading towards the bowl on the stand. He was going to see her at the dorm. She wouldn't be able to dodge him there after all.
  • Before he could make his way, Ben held onto his forearm and Nate spun, pulling his arm away from that disgusting touch. "Get away from me, I swear to you. You didn't have to do that to her. She had nothing to do with this. You bet with me!"
  • His teammate gripped his shoulders, his snickered laughs never ceasing. "It was too easy, Harper. How did you not see this coming? Actually I am very disappointed in you."
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