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Chapter 8

  • As expected Rachel was adamant on attending the first party of the year in the frat. Or first party according to her. Allie only went along because she had nothing better to do on a Friday night sadly. Her friend, Ashton, had insisted she come as well. 
  • The frat house they entered was fucking massive, in her opinion. She couldn't help but stare at the squeaky clean floors and rooms with high ceilings, expensive wallpapers, leather couches. Assuming it was boys, mostly Alphas living inside they would be precisely opposite but surprisingly it was neat. 
  • Her friend had a bright grin on her face, and excitement radiated off her as she took Allie by the wrist to stir her through the crowds. Rachel seemed at ease, right at home in this kind of environment.
  • "Let's find the kitchen, I need a drink," She exclaimed, her voice raised so Allie could hear her over the pounding music that was resounding throughout the house. When their eyes met, the omega nodded in approval.
  • They simply followed the throng of people with empty cups, certain that they were about to make their way to the kitchen to get a refill. Of course, once in the modernly furnished and equipped room, they had to wait around for a large group of girls in crop tops and mini skirts to mix something up that involved lots of vodkas and clear out before they got some space at a counter. Bottles of the most varied alcohol Allie had ever seen in one place were spread out and honestly; she had no idea what to do with them.
  • "This is amazing," Rachel whistled lowly, her eyes wide and glimmering with joy and hands already reaching for a handful of differently coloured bottles. 
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