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Chapter 32

  • /Nates POV/
  • The very next day Nate returned from his trip, it was raining, and he had no umbrella. He walked with his head down, hurrying to his room so that he can get ready. Nate had been making up excuses for missing practice, but Coach had decided to send him a threatening email about losing his chance at a football career. That was enough to send him in a frenzy. After all, what was he without football?
  • The skills he needed to practice should be learned in the field. That's why Nate agreed to attend the practice; he needed something to get his mind off the current situation. He couldn't stop thinking about the way his parents reacted to the news about Allie. Especially about her being a Pure omega. The Alpha had a hard time wrapping his mind around it as well; sure, it took him a while.
  • The Alpha was aware that his pack believed in traditional values and would be elated once they find out about Allies nature. But also, it would put risk to the omega. Other packs will use that as an opportunity to declare war on them.
  • Nate recalled about that Alpha from Crescent Pack who came purely looking about her. Just thinking about it made a shudder rack through his body. Why was he searching for her? Maybe he should talk to her about it now that they are back on campus.
  • Finn asked her to stop using those suppressants, which will only invites trouble for both. Once their university’s Dean finds out, he will take additional measures. Not only that, but she won't be able to run or do any of the university things.
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