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Chapter 7

  • Allie didn't come back to her room until late in morning. The omega was distracted for the better part of the day, so she did one thing that made her focus. Kill a hellhound. Her hands were stained with the blood of that nasty creature and jeans covered in dried up mud. She tried to make her way through the trees without being caught by any of the students out in the morning. The last thing she needed was to be investigated about her whereabouts. 
  • The Pure Omega wasn't exactly the best at making excuses, especially when she uncomfortably stood covered in blood and grime. She tried not to grimace in disgust with every inhale and exhale as the sun broke through the trees above her. 
  • On the way back, she found herself jumping and tumbling over large, broken trees and protruding roots. Small, spiky burs were sticking to her pants and shoes, making her wince with every step she took.
  • "Why must there be so many of you?" The omega murmured as she bent down, picking off a tiny bur from her pant leg.
  • Also, she noticed that her jeans reeked of blood, Hellhounds blood which was stronger and foul. She tried to rub the blood off on her pants; nose scrunched up in a cringing expression as she caught a glimpse of her hands. They smelled of a metallic scent, almost like rust, and burned her nose as she looked away. The crimson liquid was now a darker brown, dried up between the creases in her palm, making her palm itchy and cracking under the substance.
  • "Hey! I've been looking for you." She felt a hand slap against her upper back, making her eyes widen. Immediately she tucked her hands in her jeans. The omega sniffed loudly, calming down once she inhaled that soft familiar scent. Rachel. Her roommate.
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