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Chapter 27

  • Allie was about to climb into bed, dressed in a pair of shorts and a loose tee because it was so hot in the room, and she couldn't figure out the air conditioning system. The omega was so ready for some sleep that she barely recognised the guilt that overcame her for ruining the meeting. Nate refused to hear her out, choosing to storm out. She had no intention of making things complicated but they got out of hand so fast, so soon.
  • The omega skipped the Pack dinner because the last things she wanted was to face Nates parents. They were figuring out ways to accept her and their future grandchild.
  • As soon as her mind was brought back to the baby in her tummy, she couldn't help but choke. Allie didn't want this baby, not like this and not right now, so much was true. But still — the thought of getting rid of that tiny pup inside her didn't sit directly with her.
  • The omega needed to see a shrink. How could one person have so many conflicting thoughts concerning one topic? This whole thing couldn't be this hard, now could it? Either she wanted the baby and all the messes it would bring, or she didn't.
  • With those thoughts taking her mind hostage, Allie tossed and turned in her bed for a long time, in desperate need of an hour or two of sleep. Just as she felt her eyelids flutter shut and those intrusive thoughts quieting down, the door to the room opened. The omega sat up straight instantly, frightened by the sudden intrusion, and in the darkness, it took her some time to realise that it was Nate. His scent immediately made her let out a sigh and push back against the headboard.
  • He closed the door behind him.
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