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Chapter 35

  • It was hard for the omega to concentrate on the task at hand. Her cheeks were red and flushed, staring at Nates retreating body. Her lips shone against the moonlight, and the sounds of loud music blaring against her ears didn’t help at all. Allie couldn’t focus on anything but those words by her Alpha.
  • Not yours. She reminded herself, although it did nothing to calm those nerves. Her head hung between her shoulders as she went back to her seat. After Nates deadly promise, there was no way of her finding Jake.
  • She tightened her hands against the edge of the wooden bar, her knuckles turning white from the grip. The omega had to find some way because Sam was all alone, searching for that hound. It could be very dangerous.
  • With a shaky breath, she stood up and turned her attention to the dance floor. Nate cannot get mad if she danced, right? She thought to herself. After gulping down another half of her orange drink and blinking dizzily as the familiar rush of energy coursing through her, she decided its a good time to dance.
  • Pushing past the sweaty bodies and couples, she managed to reach the floor. The omega swayed her body, relaxing all of her muscles and moving gracefully while her eyes still searched for their target. She danced for a few songs, completely comfortable dancing alone, but just then, a strong hand gripped at her wrist.
  • “Sam?”
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