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Chapter 10

  • Nates head tilted sideways. "Umm...I..." He nervously smiled with all his teeth and nodded along as he drawled, "You, uh...Uh..."
  • The Alpha was blank at that moment. He was also aware that it's his only opportunity to get on her good side. Think! Think! Nate thought to himself while staring at her. After all, he was always good with making up things and getting away with them. 
  • "Right." Allie sighed, rolling her eyes. She picked the coffee from the table and started walking out of the cafeteria. "That's what I thought."
  • Her strides were hard to match up as always. She's a runner alright, but why couldn't she walk normally for once? Nate was able to slide beside her, keeping up with every step for a change. It's surreal and progress on his part. 
  • "Because I heard you speak," Nate suddenly blurted out. The Alpha held his breath as he tried to remember as much as possible. It was something he heard in passing. Let's be real. Debate and speeches were not his things. He doesn't even remember the last time he had been to one of those much less be a part of them. "You talked about the unfair treatment of athletes who aren't footballers."
  • She didn't look up from her coffee, merely her lips twitching. "That was four months ago. What's your point?"
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