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Chapter 42

  • Allie couldn't believe her ears. How did they come to this? Months ago, she was content doing her job along with her brother. They both targeted the Hellhounds and finished the job with ease. No one bothered them.
  • It seemed like in a matter of months; her entire life turned upside down. She's pregnant with a Hellhounds baby, found her Alpha, but they don't live together, and now someone wants to kill her. Granted, they had a reason to be angry, but this was not what she expected from the Crescent Pack.
  • The omegas hand instinctively cradled her belly, swallowing the lump in her throat. "What are we going to do?"
  • Sam threw his head back again. "Do our job, I guess."
  • Allie couldn't help but recall the devastated look on Nates face, his sobs piercing her ear and causing goosebumps to rise all over the body. She didn't want to be the reason behind that pain anymore. Holding him and sharing his sorrow while he repeatedly called out for his friend broke something inside her.
  • The omega had enough of this life. She didn't want to be a killer anymore. Her baby shouldn't be bought into a world like this. Moreover, the Pack they were messing with seemed dangerous enough to do the job on their own. What if they harmed people close to
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