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Chapter 13

  • Allie wanted a distraction. The best way to do that was to blend in the noisy crowd and pretend to be one of them. Also, have a drink or two. It always calmed her down, so there’s that. She was tired of playing the indifferent beta. So when she found out about the omega bar closer to the university, she jumped at the opportunity.
  • Leaning against the bar, she’s closer to the dance floor than she thought.
  • So focused on her self pity, the omega wasn't ready when a stranger pushed her and rushed off down the bar in a hurry. Allie stumbled straight into someone behind her, bumping into the person hard enough that they had to catch her with one arm around her waist. The rough fingers digging into her skin made her nose flare.
  • "You absolute fucking-" She was seething under her breath, nose planted straight into the stranger's torso when the smell hit her. So familiar. Looking up, she noticed Nate staring down at her.
  • "That's not a nice way to treat someone who just saved you from meeting the floor face first." He teased said, voice still sounding amused somehow, and she slowly raised her head to see him smirk.
  • "It wasn't- I was just- this isn't- I-" She took a deep breath and hid her face once again against his torso, before reluctantly taking a step back. The omega tried to hide her face behind her loose hair by looking down, feeling her cheeks flaming hot under his stare. "Sorry, it was an accident."
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