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Chapter 37

  • Something uncoiled in her belly as the Alpha leaned in closer, breath tickling her face gently. He’s the epitome of smug alpha, and she would normally scoff, but right now, Allie felt like her heart was going to burst out of her chest. Her blush deepened when Nates eyes visibly darkened. He’s mere centimetres away at this point, and she was paralysed in her place, not able to back away even if she wanted to.
  • A wave of desire passed over his face, and he blinked lazily, gaze sensual and predatory all at once. She shivered, recognising the shift in pheromones in the air.
  • “Did it start?” Allie asked quietly; voice caught up in her throat.
  • The Alpha answered by crushing their lips together. She moaned as once again she was effortlessly rolled over, Nate claiming the spot between her legs. He bit down on her bottom lip, and she parted her lips inadvertently, whining when Nate hungrily sucked on her tongue. The kiss was wet and demanding, firm and unrelenting.
  • Everything she hoped for and more.
  • The omega gripped helplessly at his biceps which flexed and strained against under her fingers. Nate slid one hand under her and wasted no time in groping her round bottom. She whimpered, feeling a frisson of heat spark inside her and shifted on the mattress, searching for some friction, something, anything. He took that moment to bite down on her lip again, soothing it with his tongue.
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