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Chapter 14

  • "Nate, Nate," The omega whispered, and she was shocked at the way he looked up immediately, momentarily tearing his focus from her neck. She was scared that in the heat of the moment, he would sink his teeth and mark her skin. Allies secret would fall apart in a matter of seconds if that happened.
  • "Yes, baby?" He raised his brow, his voice gravelly and deep while thumbing her parted lips.
  • At the way he's staring at her, so attentive, Allie whimpered, taking a breath. There was a 'get off of me,' on the tip of her tongue, she knew that's the right thing to do. “Kiss me again," The omega whispered, instead not afraid to resort to begging if it came to it.
  • Luckily, it didn't; his mouth was on her again, the kiss sloppy with tongues and teeth and spit, but Allie only craved more. The omega could still taste the whiskey just as well as before, and she sucked his tongue into her mouth, savouring the taste. With his cock digging against her stomach, she moved her hips, humping him.
  • A filthy grunt slipped out of Nates voice as he leaned forward, his voice hot and husky against her ear as the Alpha began rocking as well. "You want my cock, baby?"
  • "Yes, Alpha want it so bad."
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