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Chapter 36

  • Allie felt jittery all day, unable to distract herself from classes now that she's on break and not knowing what to do. Nate asked her to spend his rut. Alphas tended to enjoy their ruts very much, counting down the days until they could get off work and spend the next few days with omega to satisfy their needs.
  • Relief washed over her when Rachel and Ashton suggested they go to the cinema. Still, even then, she spent the majority of the movie tapping her fingers against the armrest, leftover salt from the popcorn they devoured during previews sticking to her tongue, every fidget too loud for the quietness of the theatre.
  • No matter how much the omega tried to pay attention, Allie walked onto the street, having remembered little of anything, listening to her friends chatter about the movie. She couldn’t stop thinking. A lot of things, actually.
  • The Jake thing was on the forefront of her mind all the time, bothering her. She had to find a way to put a hold onto the entire thing but without Sam finding out. Just thinking about it didn't sound easy.
  • How was she going to pull it off?
  • Before that, she had to talk with Sam and explain her upcoming week plans. Lie to him again. It's only for his sake. Allie had no idea how he would react to her news, and she had no intention of finding that any sooner.
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