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Chapter 24

  • Suddenly, Nate, had Brent pressed against the logs, the weapons around falling from their post at the impact of his body slamming into the wall. The Alphas hand was wrapped around the man's throat, his knuckles white and hot, his jawline becoming more prominent and deep. Allie noticed the veins in his neck were protruding as his eyebrows were furrowed together to create a crease, eyes low but piercing into Brents angrily through long eyelashes.
  • The other Alpha’s face was beginning to turn blue under the cut off oxygen, his hands gripping Nate in an attempt to get Nate off him. But the football Captain barely moved a muscle or even flinch. He stood there, his body as rigid and powerful as Allie ever witnessed before.
  • She didn't understand how they got in the situation initially, but as she began to put the puzzle pieces together, the omega realised. When Brent touched her, Nates inner hellhound must've reacted in a way to protect her without his mind fully registering his actions. To have another Alphas touch on his soon be born pup must've triggered something in the Hellhound to the point where he grew possessive, even aggressive to the point where he felt it was necessary to protect what was his—or what his inner animal thought was his.
  • They haven't even known each other long enough, and here Nate was, fighting for her. They weren't bonded, for crying out loud. It was just that one night that created a connection between them—the powerful one that kept them connected in a way no one else was. It was who they were and who they were, were a kind made to fit perfectly together without wanting to.
  • "Nate, stop!" Allie roared with all her might, hands balled into fists as she picked herself up quickly to face the pure Alpha. There was no sign of stopping from Nate. His intentions were blunt to the omega; he was never going to let go. Not unless someone pried him off.
  • The omega was aware that she wasn't the strongest out there without her weapons. Also, they were in the territory of Hellhounds. Not an appropriate place to display her skills. She was not the meanest either, but when Allie looked at the scene and realised how familiar it was, her blood began to boil. The way Nate held Brent automatically reminded her of the day her family was attacked and removed from her life, of how the Hell hounds pack had unrightfully stormed into the camp and took them without warning.
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