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Chapter 28

  • Desperate to feel her around his cock, the Alpha circled his fingers, rocked them against her gently to soothe the burn of the stretch. Her slick gushed down his fingers and onto the sheets, but neither of them cared. Allie mewled and spread wider for him, clamping around his fingers. The omega was just as desperate, needy to feel him around her.
  • "Please, Alpha", She whined breathily.
  • Nate snarled above her, the omegas' lashes fluttering shut as she parted her mouth, glad to let him do all the work because she couldn't function, wanting to be taken care of like this.
  • The Alpha thrust his fingers with more force until he's able to add the next. And several minutes later, she still didn't feel open enough to take his cock, even as he stretched her, prodding mercilessly at her sweet spot.
  • "Need your cock," She slurred, over and over again.
  • Mad with the impulse, he took his fingers back, ignoring her upset noise to yank at his shirt. His jeans pooling by his feet. At the feel of the cool air, Nate hissed but managed to kick out his shoes.
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