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Chapter 25

  • It felt like an eternity of racing before Allie had to stop to catch her breath, cheeks red and mouth partly falling open. She ran away. Again. Maybe it's something she did when faced with harsh reality. Resting her sweaty palms on her knees, the omega bent over, the air in her lungs burning as she inhaled the stinging cold.
  • She couldn't hear the Alpha anymore from beyond the trees, and there was no light as far as the eye could see behind all the obstacles of nature. It was dark and quiet, producing an eerie feeling to seep through the cracks in the tree bark or to rise from the mossy floor.
  • Alina heard stories.
  • Stories of omegas claimed by the Pure Alpha Hellhounds against their will. Allie had the misfortune of having heard stories of abuse and violence; omegas kept barefoot and pregnant and nothing more than pretty baby-makers and subserviently doting to their Alphas. Especially when they were Pure omega who are supposed to produce the superior breed when mated with the Pure Alphas.
  • When the omega first met Nate, Allie had not thought any of it, naturally those suppressants, along with the hatred towards Hellhounds, driving her away.
  • She had been preparing herself for this day for years, waiting for an Alpha who would be her mate. But not a Hellhound. That plan flew out of the window the minute she slept with Nate and got pregnant. Despite that, they worked an arrangement, but now that she knew he's a Pure Alpha, it complicated things—a lot.
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