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Chapter 12

  • /His POV/
  • Two weeks later, Allie was still behaving oddly lovely towards him. Oddly lovely in the way that she didn't once lash out on him, didn't once make a stupid, mean remark, didn't once criticise him for anything. Not even when he barged in her Psychology class, she acted almost civil with him if it could be considered civil to completely ignore him sitting next to her in favour of listening to the lecture. Maybe the beta was finally coming in terms of their friendship.
  • They also texted each other back and forth with silly messages and stayed up to talk about anything and everything. Its a miracle she didn't block him after he made a lame joke about runners.
  • Nate was glad that they were moving forward as it would be much easier for him to proceed with the bet. Yeah, he's still on about it. How can he let it go when Ben made it a mission to remind him about it every time they are together? And it's every day. He needed to act fast to save his face in front of his friends.
  • Currently, he was sitting in the cafeteria with Allie, discussing the operant conditioning even though he had no interest in Psychology.
  • "Are you listening to me?" She raised her brow in his direction.
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