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Chapter 15

  • /His POV/
  • When Nate woke up late on Sunday evening, vision blurry and temples throbbing he immediately fell back into an all-consuming haze of confusion and warmth. Looking next to him, the Alpha found a beta sleeping, barely covered by the messy blankets, her body lean and sticky with slick and come, her breathing peaceful. It was easy for him to form a conclusion based on the visual.
  • They slept together.
  • The thought was still strange to him, unfamiliar, but it felt right and real, too. After all, they were intoxicated, too gone to realise what urged them to wind up together.
  • The warm body tucked in his arms squirmed with a quiet huffed noise, small feet digging between his ankles. Nate tightened his arm around Allie, who hummed ever so softly and nuzzled her head backwards. The motion deepened their spoon, his chin digging in on the crook of her neck and their bodies fitting together.
  • He stilled for a while, not daring to move as she was still sleeping in his arms. The Alpha was silent for a long beat. Allie looked so peaceful in her sleep, eyes half-closed and lips parted slightly to exhale puffs of hair. She clutched on to the sheets as if her life depended on them.
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