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Chapter 26

  • /His POV/
  • There was border diving each pack from the territories to avoid conflicts. The walls were high –made out of the most robust materials and, of course, the witch spell. And on top of them were very thin strings that Nate could see extending up in the trees.
  • From the vantage point, the Alpha stood with Sal, one of the beta guards overlooking the strange wolves –could easily smell them, but there were much hiding up in the trees. What did they want?
  • Werewolves and Hellhounds are always crossing each other paths, needed each other to produce the strongest breed but still never got along. The need for that seemed to be arising now that Nate got Allie pregnant with his pup.
  • Staring at the werewolf Alpha standing on the other side of the gate, surrounded by his men, Nate followed his two guards, impressed by the pack security. It wasn’t his first rodeo with the wolves, but Nate was intimidated, breath catching at the size of the wolves walking around. He had never seen wolves so large.
  • The entire time they kept on walking, Nate surveyed his surroundings, disregarding his pack members' stares. They also had a lot of questions going around in their head.
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