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Chapter 40

  • After they were done eating, Allie followed him back to bed. Just because Nate couldn't stop his frantic routine of scenting her, nosing along her jaw, the curve of her throat and underneath her ears, mumbling on about how she's a good omega. Those random babbling also included how sweet and perfect she was and would be the best mom to his pups.
  • Her Alpha—er Nate fed her every bite of the delicious grilled cheese sandwich she made for both of them. The minute she stepped away from him, he started growling. But she reassured him that it's only for few seconds, which considerably calmed him down. Other members of the frat also stayed away from her, aware that she smelled of Nate.
  • She was blessed to sit there with him, primarily motionless and snuggling. Allie also made sure that the Alpha had something to eat instead of getting distracted to take care of her.
  • "That's enough, Alpha. You have to eat something as well," She scolded gently when he wouldn't stop feeding her from his own plate. There's only so much she could eat.
  • Fortunately, Nate didn't put up much of a fight after that and agreed to it. She also forced him to chug down lots of water as most Alphas got dehydrated. It was her responsibility to ensure that something like that didn't happen to Nate.
  • They ended up napping after their lunch, both realising that his rut was slowing down and it'll probably be over the next morning. Allie was a bit bothered by the realisation, enjoying her time with him a little too much.
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