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Chapter 29

  • When Allie and Nate returned to the packhouse, they were surrounded by the pups inviting them to barbecue on the lawn outside. She thought the entire ordeal was cute and almost made the omega drop
  • to her knees. Its something they did every week—the barbecue. The pack's hunters go into the forest and shift into their hellhounds and catch prey which they share with the pack.
  • Much like werewolves, only that hellhounds don't involve pups and omegas. Very traditional that way.
  • Bidding the pups goodbye, they promised to join them in a few minutes or so. Once inside the room, Allie realised that her shirt smelled heavily of those clinic's herbs. It made her nauseated the more she breath into it.
  • She turned to the Alpha. "I need to change."
  • Nate bobbed his head. "I can wait outside."
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