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Chapter 19

  • Time went by slow and fast all the same, and it was weird.
  • The omega was shaking now, hugging her arms around her knees, which she had drawn up to her chest. Allie was trying to take some deep and calming breaths, tears burning behind her eyelids.
  • His lack of response was biting at her skin. Silence blanketed them. They reached to the point where she felt overwhelmed and scared, the omega didn't know what to do or even what to think. Allie refused to move, seated in the corner of the bed with her eyes pressed shut forever, preferably.
  • "You're pregnant?" The Alpha croaked out, eventually, and she was rather grateful that the silence broke finally, even if the question was a bit nonsensical.
  • "Yes," The omega replied nonetheless, nodding her head once, twice jerkily. On instinct she dragged her right hand to her bump, softly letting those fingers caress over the thick fabric
  • The Alpha watched her movements with hawk eyes and then as if his worst fears had been confirmed, buried his head in his open palms.
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