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Chapter 34

  • It was sunny outside. Her roommate decided to attend her classes and then swing by her work which left Allie all alone.
  • Deciding on taking a shower to freshen up a little the omega got off the bed and stretched her back leisurely. The cramps would be the end of her but probably nothing to worry about according to Finn.
  • The omega felt weirdly numb, not able to distinguish a specific emotion. Before, she had been upset and agitated, concerned all the time. Now, everything felt pleasantly calm and still, like a veil of indifference had fallen over her. She honestly wasn't complaining. It was the first time in weeks that Allie was able to relax in her apartment.
  • She was trying to wrap her mind with everything going on around her. Maybe Allie needed this, this distance from all the people she was constantly surrounded with. With a sigh, the omega strode to the bedroom for a second, searching for some comfortable clothes to wear after her bath and for her iPad as well, just to put on some relaxing music.
  • Allie managed to get into the tub and let the hot water cleanse her skin; she realised how good it always had been to take some time off. Not do anything except listen to slow music and enjoy the fresh soapy scent taking over the entire room.
  • She was rather abruptly torn out of his daydreams when her mobile phone began to ring and vibrate in the other room. Oh no!
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