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Chapter 39

  • Allie was shocked and overwhelmed by all the filth rumbling from Nates mouth, not in a wrong way, but just a surprising way. She was maybe pleased, a little bit, once she got over the fact that he was probably the hottest dirty-talker she had ever witnessed.
  • Their first time together hurt, as it often did. Not severely, but enough. Alphas in rut tended to be selfish initially, overcome with pure lust and need, and Nate was no different. Once he had the omega how he wanted him, Nate pressed in and didn’t stop until he was satisfied. The pleasure was still there, and it was enough to keep Allie from crying out in pain or trying to escape.
  • She was on the verge of tears from all the overstimulation. For once, the omega was so glad that Nate seemed to be out of it, his eyes dark and focused on the place where he was entering her stretched and sore hole. He didn’t notice those tears slipping down the corner of her eyes.
  • Allie kept her eyes glued on the alarm clock on the nightstand, the numbers glowing in the darkness. Four in the morning. She wondered if they’ll be able to get sleep at all. Nate had been keeping her up ever since she entered his bedroom.
  • He was still whispering things in her ear, licking her neck and biting at the skin, then smoothing over the pain with his tongue and lips. The accumulation of saliva was, quite frankly, gross. But it soothed something primal inside her.
  • “Take it for me...Y-You’re doing so well.”
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