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Chapter 11

  • Allie watched the scene unfold in front of her with wide eyes. Why would Nate intentionally harm his teammate like that? The omega couldn’t understand the logic behind that. Ben had creeped her out for sure, and she wanted nothing more from him, but getting him hurt wasn’t her intention.
  • As soon as the game was over, which concluded with Nates team winning, she wanted to go back. Rachel, on the other hand, was waiting to meet Chris and gush about his skills. Something she has been doing since they started playing.
  • When Nate spotted her leaving, he jogged up to her, his smile bright and wide. He was no longer wearing his uniform, just a simple white shirt and his skinny jeans which cost more than her monthly allowance. Shaking her head, she blinked at him. “Good game?”
  • “I won so yeah” The Alpha shrugged.
  • Just before she could ask him about Ben, they were surrounded by a group of young boys. They were in scout for sure if the matching uniforms and badges told anything. Allie arched her brow at that, her nose scrunched as they all stared at Nate with heart eyes.
  • An elder who accompanied them, probably someone’s mother batted her lashes at Nate. “Would you mind taking a photo with the boys? They’re all huge Yorkers fans. Watched your team play every game so far.”
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